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Technical Edge

Lead the future industry with a technology better than today

Based on the know-how and infrastructure accumulated over 35 years, we are developing products that lead the 4th industrial era through advanced technology and investment. In the era of the 4th industrial revolution that has already arrived, Jinwoo Engineering(JNTE) has secured various technologies to lead the market and will continue to develop new technologies in the future. We will not only expand synergy through mutual cooperation with group affiliates, but also enhance global competitiveness based on core technologies.

Tempered Glass
Production Line

World's first development and supply of 3D cover glass mass production equipment lines

- Development of over 30 types of equipment for all lines

- Differentiated process and equipment composition

Equipment development for Watch Glass and automotive glass

Collaboration and synergy among affiliates within the group

Green Energy
(Secondary battery,
Solar, Hydrogen Energy)

Secondary battery

Development and supply of all core facilities of polymer type and can type

Solar energy

Succeeded in developing and supplying all equipment for module assembly line

Hydrogen energy

Succeeded in developing and supplying GDL manufacturing roll-to-roll process equipment

CAM Application

Develop and supply high-speed equipment using CAM Application

- CID assembly line for secondary batteries
- Assembly line for CCFL
- Assembly line for halogen lamp

UV Formation Technology

  • Multiple UV Molding Equipment, Index method: High productivity
  • Excellent pattern design effect compared to other methods

Laser Processing Technology

  • Multiple Laser processors, high productivity via auto loading & unloading
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy and processing quality with Auto Vision Align method
  • Various types of material processing (scattering film, high hardness film, tempered glass,
    non-tempered glass, etc.)

Vacuum Deposition Technology

  • Multi deposition: Various color realization
  • High-transmittance AR, IR deposition: Enhanced camera performance
  • In-process limit of 100 class for particle control

Exposure Technology

  • Excellent lamination technology of exposure films
  • Ultra-slim patterning (20um) realization

Etching Technology

  • Etching technology that has excellent productivity and can realize ultra-slim patterns (All processes in-line)
  • Increasing the efficiency of production process management: excellent productivity and quality