R&D Results

TechnologyR&D Results

R&D Results

Secure new technology and strengthen technological competitiveness
through continuous R&D investment

Jinwoo Engineering(JNTE) has acquired unrivaled technology portfolio with technology and know-how accumulated over a long period of time. In 1994, we developed the world's first full CRT electron gun production line, and our technology was recognized by continuously supplying production facilities to Samsung and LG Electronics.

We localized the full CCFL production line, which depended on imported equipment, and continuously supplied it to major domestic companies, and stood out as an unrivaled equipment company by developing and supplying all-process production lines for automotive halogen and solar modules. In recent years, we are continuously innovating as we are supplying cylindrical secondary battery equipment, mobile tempered glass production line, automotive tempered glass production line, and wearable production line to our group affiliates.

For the mobile window glass department, we demonstrated our technical excellence by mass-producing the GDM method for the first time in 2015, and in 2020, we are seeking additional business opportunities, developing and building mass production lines for foldable windows, accelerating our conquest for new markets.

R&D Projects

Year R&D Result Notes

Developed Glass Equipment for Watch, Secondary battery micro NS Manufacturing Equipment


Developed Flexible OLED Module Line


Developed 3D 4Bend Glass Equipment
Developed Vacuum Laminator


Developed 3D Cover Glass Equipment for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Developed Stacker & Tab Welder Equipment for batteries


Developed Plasma Muti-Coater Equipment


Developed Mobile Tempered Glass Equipment


Developed Solar Module Assembly Equipment


Developed Winder for batteries


Developed Halogen Bulb Equipment


Developed Medium to Large Polymer Battery Line Equipment


Light(CCFL) Manufacturing Equipment

Year R&D Result Notes
  • Developed camera window etching method Full-Pattern
  • Secured glass cutting technology
  • Developed UV resin for GDM
  • Strengthened glass surface hardness
  • Developed camera window surface treatment technology
  • Established foldable window mass production line

  • Produced foldable window prototype
  • Secured ultra-thin glass cutting technology
  • Established foldable window development line
  • Expanded of camera window ledger standards
  • Developed glass etching method

  • Developed GLASTIC molding technology
  • Developed GLASTIC window
  • Developed camera window triple specification
  • Developed window surface treatment pattern
  • Developed Double-sided AR
  • Developed high hardness material
  • Developed display lens
  • Developed automotive lens

  • Obtained premium grade approval from S company for high-hardness window
  • Mass produced camera window etching method
  • Developed automotive window

  • Developed high hardness film surface treatment technology
  • Obtained premium grade approval from S company for high-hardness window
  • Expanded mass production of GDM method camera window
  • Developed decoration film for S company S7 and many others
  • Developed 2.5D window
  • Developed OCA transfer film
  • Developed foldable window
  • Established camera window etching line
  • Developed UV mold for GDM

  • Established GDM method camera window mass production line
  • First mass production of GDM method camera window
  • Developed decoration film for S company S6 and many others