Core Technology

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Core Technology

"Secure Super-Gap Technologies and Defend the Pathway"

JNT Group Chairman Sangwook Jang's motto

Securing world-class technological competitiveness
through continuous innovation and technology development

With continuous future technology development, Jinwoo Engineering(JNTE) is writing a new history of technological evolution. Jinwoo Engineering(JNTE) has developed the core machine equipment and process systems that produce: 3D cover glasses that led the creation of edge phones; connectors for waterproof phones; and gas diffusers (GDL), commonly referred to as the 1% puzzle piece for localization of hydrogen electric vehicles. At the time of their debut, they were recognized as the only and unique technology in the world.

Technology Details
Glass Manufacturing

Equipment development and supply records for the entire process from cell cutting of mother glass to forming, polishing and printing equipment

High Speed Assembly

High-speed Equipment technology using CAM Application, 120PPM ~ 240 PPM

High Precision Align

High precision align technology using Vision System & X-Y-Θ Stage, 1~2㎛ Control

High-vacuum Chamber &
Plasma Surface
Treatment Technology

High-vacuum chamber technology for MLCC, Coating, and Solar Laminator
Surface treatment technology using plasma

Laser, Resistance,
Ultra Sonic Welding Tech

Laser welding (Spot, Continuous Wave), resistance welding, ultrasonic welding technology

Technology Details

We have a high-performance exposure technology that can realize various exposure film lamination technology and ultra-slim (20um) patterning, and a stable process configuration to maintain the development quality of exposure films.

Glass Patterning

Etching quality is improved through the use of dedicated equipment with excellent productivity, and it has the ability to implement patterns of full and various patterns, including ultra-slim (20um) patterns.

Laser Processing Technology

A processing method using a precision laser with excellent cutting technology that can be processed within ±20um of dimensional accuracy, which can be adapted according to the characteristics of glass materials.

UV Molding

We have a large number of UV molding machines and boast the best productivity through the index method. Stable mass production is possible by using a durable UV mold, and we have secured technology to realize the best design performance.

Vacuum Deposition

In order to suppress particles in the multi-deposition chamber as much as possible, we maintain a clean level of less than Class 100 in the process. With the best technology, we satisfy our customers' various color designs and functional coating performance to improve the performance of the camera module.