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Founded in 1986, Jinwoo Engineering(JNTE) continues to secure competitiveness under the management policies of mind innovation, process innovation, and organizational culture innovation.

The Industrial Automation Equipment Department specializes in developing and supplying automation equipment for high-tech industries, and continues to grow based on competitive equipment through original yet rational process design. In the 1990s, we succeeded in fully automating the electron gun assembly line for the first time in the world, and supplied it domestically and internationally to Japan and Taiwan. Our technology gained further recognition when we signed an exclusive supply contract with a leading domestic company to supply about 40 lines of equipment for LCD back lights (CCFL). In addition, we have developed and supplied core facilities for secondary batteries, solar modules, and various electronic components, expanding into future-valued business groups, and developed more than 30 types of tempered glass manufacturing facilities from 2010 to the present, securing a full-line sales record and robust core technologies.

The Mobile Window Glass Department started as Hyupjin I&C's Touch Department in 2005, and started producing resistive overlay and electrostatic touch screens. The following year, it was registered as a supplier for Samsung Display and started mass production and supply. Since then, we have grown quantitatively and technologically by producing and supplying products for various customers such as LG and Sharp. In line with the growth of the mobile market, we mass-produced decoration films and high-hardness windows in 2014, and the following year, we developed and produced camera windows using our own construction method (GDM), which was recognized for design and technical excellence. In the future, as the performance of mobile window glass gradually increases, we have completed the development of high-end products and a mass production system.

Jinwoo Engineering(JNTE) will grow into a company that preempts the market and leads the future industry with our know-how accumulated over the last 35 years, advanced technology development and active investment.




726Billion KRW

Industrial Automation Equipment: 527B
Mobile Window Glass:199B



Industrial Automation Equipment: 63
Mobile Window Glass:117
(EoY 2020, separate statements)

Main Products

Industrial Automation Equipment
The main product line is world-class automation equipment in the field of core process design and equipment for manufacturing glass for mobile and automotive display.

Based on process automation technology and high facility manufacturing capability, we are expanding synergy by manufacturing production facilities of affiliates within the group.
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Decoration Window
We produce window parts with optical performance and design excellence of smart phones such as high-hardness windows, high-transmittance camera windows,
and UTG windows.
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Decoration Film
We produce decoration film that combines various colors of windows and design excellence.
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